Antique Mirrors are a decorative silvered glass mostly used for interiors. This method of making glass consists of varying the regularity of metallic deposits. In addition to its decorative effect, the antique mirror creates a gentle and softened reflection, which contributes pleasantly to interior light levels.
Custom Mirrors Long Island | Queens | Westchester Antique Mirrors with exotic colors and patterns; are available in sizes up to 48” X 94” and come in finishes from traditional distress antique to burst of colorful 3D effects. Use it for: walls, framed mirror inserts, furniture, bathrooms, back splashes, or anything you can imagine.

  • Standard Mirrors
  • Antique Mirror
  • Tinted Mirrors
  • Low Iron Glass Mirrors
  • Acid Etched Mirrors
  • Gym Mirrors
  • Dance Studio Mirrors
  • Fast Turnaround Times!!
  • Bullet Resistant Glass Partitions
  • Custom Mirrors and Antique Mirrors

  • Tpes of Antique Mirror Finishes:
  • Venetian Antique Mirror
  • Pink Antique Mirror
  • Light Cloudy Antique Mirror
  • Heavy Antique Mirror
  • Light Antique Mirror
  • Heavy Cloudy Antique Mirror
  • Gold Vein Antique Mirror
  • Gold Dot Antique Mirror
  • Blue Antique

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We offer one day service on insulated glass products. We complete all beveling and polishing on our premises, and our services are highly customizable.

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