Decorating for the holidays? Don’t forget your windows! There are many ideas and styles to choose when decking out the windows, but we’re here to share a little bit of inspiration:

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Hang ornaments from your windows such as acorns, bear, moose, diamonds, and other winter shapes. It can be anything from red, to green, to metallic.

Place planters by the windowsill with greens, red berries, and red ornaments.

Use a white marker to draw something cheery on the window, such as “Let It Snow”. Add a few snowflakes too!

Got an assortment of vacses? Place them on your windowsill to add height. Fill them with twigs and ornaments – resembling little holiday trees.

Candy Canes
Do something a little extra sweet – hang candy canes from red ribbon – you can eat them on Christmas day!

Window Treatments
Hang red or white window treatments from the windows, or another warm color that reminds you of the holiday season. What you want is to create a contrast between what you had hanging in summer and what the season resembles now.

Light up your home and save on electricity by setting up a row of candles. Set acorns and green garland around them (at a safe distance) for a festive assortment.

Cut out paper snowflakes and decorate your window with a unique craft project – fun for you and the kids!

Whether it be traditional garland or crafty garland make of little toys and holiday figures, make your windows festive with different symbols and colors.

You can’t go wrong with hanging a wreath from your window! Hang it from a red ribbon as the perfect, traditional window decor element. You could even try hanging a bunch of evergreen wreaths to the curtain rod with red ribbon.

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