April 2018

How Does a Magnifying Glass Work?

As a kid, they helped you look at bugs and conduct numerous science experiments in your backyard (sometimes without your mom’s knowledge). Yup, we’re talking about magnifying glasses! Though it may have been years since you last picked up a… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Tinted Glass Windows

Looking to brighten up a space in your home naturally, without the sun blaring through at full-force? Why not add some tinted glass windows! Unlike traditional windows, these glass wonders will be the perfect way to change any space —-… Continue Reading →

How Are Eyeglass Lenses Made?

They rest on your face all day every day and are one of the main reasons you’re able to wander about your day safely and comfortably. We’re talking, of course, about your glasses! But while they provide so much joy… Continue Reading →