While you’ll probably hear most people saying “New Year, new me,” this January, those of us who are self proclaimed handymen might be thinking, “New Year, new home.” With a good cleaning and just a few simple updates, you can can feel like you’re in a brand new home this January.cleaning a dirty bathroom surface

Clean your showerhead. If you notice the water pressure in your shower is starting to weaken, don’t assume it’s a problem with your pipes. Low pressure is usually caused by mineral build up on the shower head. To clean it safely and effectively, remove the showerhead and place it in a 50/50solution of warm water and vinegar.

Clean out dryer lint. If your clothes are taking longer to dry, it’s probably time to clean out your dryer vent. First, detach the duct from the unit and tie a rag to a plumbing snake end. Push the snake through your dryer vent a couple of times until you notice lint is no longer falling out.

Leave the water heater at 120. Most people don’t shower in water above 120 degrees, so leaving your water heater set to 140 or more is usually a waste of energy and heat. But setting the dial can be a little more complicated than you think, because most don’t have numbers on them – so you’ll have to use the “guess and test” method. Run the hot water closest to your pump for three minutes, then put it in a cup and test the temperature. If it’s above (or below) 120 degrees, adjust the dial slightly. Do this once or twice more until the water is at 120 degrees.

Update your windows. Drafty windows can cost homeowners hundreds in lost energy, so make sure your windows are always flushed to the frame. Weather stripping often becomes loose, worn or distorted over time and attaches itself to the frame, then pulls loose when the sash is opened – so replace your weather stripping if you notice it falling apart. But, if you’re having to re-caulk or re-strip an ill fitting window every winter, it may be time for new windows all together.

Prevent bathroom mold. Even houses in the driest climates can easily get bathroom mold. The best way to prevent mold is to cut down on dampness. Easily do that by:

  • squeegeeing shower walls after every shower or bath.
  • running your ceiling fan for half an hour after a shower.
  • replacing cracked or broken tiles and regrouting shower walls every other year.
  • switching from a shower curtain (which attracts mold) to glass shower doors.

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