Let’s face it: sometimes curtains and blinds don’t work for every window in your home. Although it’s nice to let the sunshine in at its full potential, sometimes you’d like some privacy — especially when you’re asleep. If you’re looking for the best solution to keep the natural lighting alive (and nosey neighbors from peeking in your home), then here’s why you should have frosted glass installed:

Benefit 1: Creates Privacy

Think of windows as a work of art. The outer part of the window is the frame, while the view outside is the artwork. Although it’s nice to peer outside your home during the day, sometimes you’ll want to gain some privacy at nighttime (because you don’t want your neighbors to watch television with you). Instead of diminishing the natural sunlight in the room, frosted glass will be the perfect solution. Unlike blinds and curtains that hinder sunlight, these frosted panes keep the space open, light, and cheery! Just think: you’ll never have to close the blinds ever again — since your window will be covered already!

Benefit 2: No Television Glare

When you’re watching your favorite television show during the day, sometimes the sunlight will peer through your window and hit your television screen directly. Instead of having to get up (off that comfortable couch) and close the blinds, frosted glass will eliminate the glare all together! As mentioned earlier, frosted glass may block your view outside — but it will not hinder sunlight. It’s a win-win situation for television fans everywhere!

Benefit 3: Preserves Your Furnishings

Believe it or not, powerful rays from the sun can fade your furniture over time. If your living room is exposed to a surplus of sunlight during the daytime, then it’s a possibility that your favorite couch and rug will be tarnished in a matter of months. When you have frosted glass installed in your home, not only will it diminish harmful sun rays and provide privacy — but it will also protect your cherished furnishings. Think of the funds you’ll be saving when you don’t have to replace your couch that often (or ever)!
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