It’s the most frightful time of the year: October! From lavish costumes to horror films, this autumnal month always shines through with the best spooky factors you could ever dream of! If you’re deciding to decorate your home for Halloween and need some inspiration — no need to fear, because we’re here to help give you that festive element you’ve been looking for!

Idea 1: Spiderweb Motif

For most, spiders are quite undesirable — but for your ultimate Halloween window, they’ll be the perfect addition! To create the most visually appealing display, visit your local dollar store for some faux cobwebs in a bag. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can go the additional mile and pick up a bag of plastic spiders to really get your theme across. Once you acquire your spooky materials, take some sections of the cobweb out of the bag, and pull it across your window in different directions. After you create your desired cobweb pattern, you can then take some plastic spiders and scatter them within your creation for the greatest Halloween display on your block!

Idea 2: Zombie Outbreak

Looking for a way to further change up your Halloween display? Ditch the pumpkins and make your windows the focal point of a zombie outbreak! Start by purchasing some yellow caution tape at your local hardware store and place that in a zigzag pattern across your window. Once that step is complete, it’s time to add the zombies! Go on the internet and search up some clear photos/drawings of zombies, and print them out on standard computer paper. After you cut the zombies out, space them out between the caution tape — and you’ll then have yourself a zombie outbreak in your home!

Idea 3: Ghost Greetings

One of the most iconic staples of Halloween decorations are ghosts. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, get some standard poster board and trace a variety of ghostly figures out. Once you complete that step, cut out the ghosts and place then in your windowsill. To add some extra pizazz to your display, place some faux cobwebs behind the ghosts to really make your display pop — and increase that spooky value you’ve been longing for!

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