While a scratched glass window, picture frame, or tabletop may not function any differently, it’s certainly an eyesore. While replacing the glass all together is the only way to get a truly seamless shine, you can try to buff out or cover up a scratch with these DIY methods.

3 Easy Ways to Fix Scratched Glass Action Glass
Metal Polish

Step 1: Clean the area around the scratch with a clean, microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. Then, leave it to sit and air dry for 30 minutes.
Step 2: Once the area is completely dry, place a drop or two of metal polish onto a different cloth and begin to gently rub the mark. (Important notice: if you rub too aggressively, you may actually cause more streaks or scratches.)
Step 3: After a minute or two of rubbing the scratch, leave it to sit and dry. If the scratch is still there, repeat steps one and two a week later.

Clear Nail Polish

If you’re really in a pinch and need to cover a scratch fast, turn to your makeup kit!

Step 1: Clean the area around the scratch with a glass window cleaner and microfiber cloth.
Step 2: Once the glass has dried completely, place a thin layer of clear nail polish over the scratch. You should always make sure to use relatively new nail polish that is still smooth.
Step 3: Leave the nail polish to sit and dry for several hours.
Step 4: If you applied too much and are noticing a small bump in the glass, add a drop of nail polish remover to a new, clean cloth and gently rub the area around the original scratch.

Make Your Own Scratch-Remover

If you’re worried about using chemicals on your glass, create your own natural scratch-removing paste with just a few ingredients — water, toothpaste, and baking soda. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl until they form a paste. Once they’re completely mixed, rub it on your scratch with a soft cloth.

If these DIY methods still haven’t salvaged your glass window or table top, then it’s time to turn to Action Glass! Whether you’re looking for an entirely new piece or want a replica of your existing one, we can find you the perfect glass table top to suit your family’s needs!