When you think about decorating for Thanksgiving, what comes to mind first? For most it might be creating a dining room table centerpiece that wows your guests — but what about dressing up your windows? Afterall, your windows will be the first thing your guests see before that table — and you can truly let your imagination run wild! If you’re looking to create an eye-catching window display for Thanksgiving, then here are some incredible ideas:

Idea 1: Paper Turkey

Afterall, what’s a Thanksgiving celebration without a turkey? In addition to your main course, boost your curb appeal with a paper turkey in your window! To start, take some brown paper bags and cut them open so they lay flat. Depending on how big you’d like the turkey to be, tape all the paper bags together and cut a turkey-esc design. Once that’s complete, take some of the leftover bags and create feathers for your creation! After you finish that step, find a few magic markers and draw some details on your turkey such as eyes and a smile! Finally, tape your turkey in the window and let it greet your guests as they walk up to your home!

Idea 2: Autumn Leaves

Not a fan of leaves on your lawn, but love their stunning hues of red, yellow, and orange? Create some faux leaves for your windows! To start, pick up some autumnal colored construction paper at your local craft store. Next, trace some leaf patterns on the paper and cut out your faux leaves. Once this step is complete, secure them to your window with some double-sided tape — and you’ll have the autumnal window of your dreams!

Idea 3: Floating Pine Cones

In addition to leaves, pine cones are a staple of an autumnal aesthetic — so why not incorporate them into your display? When completing this project, you have the option to take some small pine cones from your backyard or buy decorative pine cones from the craft store! Once you acquire your pine cones, take some clear fishing line (or any rope/ribbon of your choice) and cut/tie a separate strand to each pine cone. Once this step is complete, you can secure the pine cones to the window frame with some tape — since they will be small. When you’re floating pine cone project is complete, your guests will be amazed at this stunning display!

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