Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the fairest finish of them all? When looking into a custom mirror project at Action Glass, the possibilities are endless. If you’re searching for a new conversation piece or a new focal point, then here are some of the many mirror finishing options to choose from:

Finish 1: Pink Antique Mirror

Looking for the ultimate unique mirror that will not only wow yourself, but all guests who enter your home? When you settle for a custom mirror from Action Glass, you’ll have the ultimate say when creating your special piece — especially when it’s a pink antique mirror finish. Unlike traditional mirror finishes, this specific design gives the glass on your mirror the aged look you’ve been searching for. For starters, the glass’ appearance will have blotches of the most delicate pink pattern. This finish will definitely give you a unique piece to be cherished for the years to come.

Finish 2: Gold Vein Antique Mirror

When you’re looking to heighten a room’s elegance, there’s no better choice for a mirror finish than a gold vein antique finish. Creating the most glamorous glass look, the gold vein finish will bring splashes of a gold base to the focal point of the mirror. In addition to that glistening gold luster, think about the endless gold-based decor you can implement around your home to accent that gorgeous custom mirror! It’s a work of art, to say the least — and definitely worth checking out!

Finish 3: Heavy Cloudy Antique Mirror

When you’re searching for that dramatic edge in decor — why not start with your mirror first? Before you settle on standard glass for the mirror in your home, a heavy cloudy antique finish will make your mirror look like it withstood the test of time — and in the most glamorous way possible. Giving the glass a cloudy appearance, it’s simply breathtaking to see how different a mirror will look when it’s decoratively cloudy! No matter the outcome, it’s essential to know that any mirror finish will give your home the added charm and character you’re looking for!

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