We get it — sometimes curtains take away from your windows. Whether they’re consuming too much sunlight or they’re obstructing the view, they can be rather annoying at times. If you’re in the mood to change up your curtains, or just want a fun way to let some sunlight in, look no further — we have some simple solutions to help make your window dreams come true!

Idea 1: Belt It Up

Have an old leather belt lying around your closet? Instead of letting it collect dust, put it to good use and tie back those curtains in style! The process of “belting” back your curtains is as simple as putting a belt on your favorite pair of jeans! Simply bunch up your curtains, place the belt around the accumulated fabric, and tighten/secure the belt like you would normally do!

Idea 2: Tie It Back

Still rummaging through your closet and stumble upon a neck tie? Before you take that tie and throw it out, repurpose it into another way to “tie” back your curtains! Just like the belt process mentioned above, bunch up your curtains and tie the neckwear around the curtains as if you were tying a tie. It’s a fun, festive way to jazz up your curtains and let that sunshine in!

Idea 3: Accessorize It

Do you own an old necklace that you refuse to part with? Instead of tossing away that fine piece of jewelry, use it as another method to tie back curtains. Unlike a belt or necktie, a necklace is the perfect way to add a splash of elegance without making a bold statement. In addition to being a great focal point, a necklace is quite strong and can withstand the test of time when holding your curtains back!

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