Imagine sitting at home one night, and you hear a window shatter. No, the neighborhood kids aren’t playing baseball this late — there’s an intruder in your home. If you’re looking to take preventative measures and lessen your chances of having an uninvited guest in your home, here some prominent ways to take charge:

Way 1: Reinforced Glass

Unlike traditional glass, reinforced glass is one of the most promising ways to ward off intruders. Composed to withstand the toughest of impacts, reinforced glass (known as tempered glass) is used at stores, banks, and other prominent places where glass needs to be as strong as the brickwork around the building. If you’re looking to for that extra level of security, then tempered glass is the best option for you.

Way 2: Polycarbonate Windows

Instead of choosing glass, did you ever think about using a plastic/acrylic substitute for your window panes? Polycarbonate windows, or plexiglass windows, are produced thick to insulate your home and to ward off intruders. In addition to being a cheaper alternative to traditional glass windows, polycarbonate windows will withstand the test of time and will be an essential investment for your home.

Way 3: Alarm System

Another surefire way to scare intruders away is to install an alarm system. When an alarm system is installed in your home, the prime area of placement will revolve around your windows. If an intruder were to break into your home and the alarm system goes off, it will not only scare the burglar away, but it will also notify the security company to call the authorities to your home.

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