What’s the worst sound in the world you might ask? The shattering of a mirror, scattering all over the floor. One of the most common problems of moving is breaking household mirrors. Many people know how to pack up their belongings efficiently, except for this reflective wall hanging. Before you rip your mirror off the wall and run out the door, here are some tips on how to protect your mirror during that big move:

Tip #1: Make a Label

This might be the simplest step in the process, but it’s usually the most forgotten. If you’re having a professional moving company move your belongings, they won’t know what you’ve packed inside boxes unless you’ve labeled them. Additionally, a label will make the unpacking process much simpler and quicker.

Tip #2: Bubble Wrap It

Besides protecting items within home shopping packages, bubble wrap will help protect your mirror. First: go to your local post office or shipping servicer and purchase some bubble wrap. Next: take the bubble wrap and wind it around the entire mirror, leaving no corner exposed. Finally: take some tape to secure the loose ends — this will complete the precautionary wrapping of your mirror.

Tip #3: Tape Your Mirror

Have some duct tape laying around? Take the roll of tape and make an ‘X’ across the front of the mirror vertically, on a slant. This will protect the frame of your mirror, and will lessen the impact of the fall. However: this method is not guaranteed to protect the actual mirror within.

Tip #4: Leave It Alone

The best solution to saving a mirror, during a move, is to place it away from the rest of your items. If a stack of boxes leans against the mirror, it will cause pressure and the mirror will shatter. If the mirror is left in the upright position, and away from other belongings, then it will survive the trip to your new home.


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