With summer just a few days away, New Yorkers are already bracing themselves for much more than just the heat — they’re preparing for high energy bills. When temperatures spike, it’s only natural that people crank up their AC. But what many people don’t know is that much of that cool air they’re paying for is escaping through cracks in their windows and doors. Save on energy bills this year and keep your cool air where it’s supposed to be by insulating your windows and doors.

Insulate doors and windows action glass

Bubble Wrap

It’s time to use bubble wrap for more than just popping — though that is probably its most fun use! By lining your windows with bubble wrap, you can significantly reduce the amount of heat coming into your home. The only problem is, this definitely isn’t the snazziest of looks and will make it difficult to see out the window.


If you can feel or hear air seeping through cracks in your window frame, you should think about getting a weatherstrip. Weatherstrips come in several materials, including felt, foam, vinyl, and metal and can be used on nearly any window type. And while weatherstrips will keep your cool air in and hot air out, they’ll need to be replaced every few seasons.


Similar to bubble wrap, curtains will block the sun’s rays from entering your home. Though they’re not as effective as some other means, they certainly look much nicer!

A Draft Snake

If you have glass doors or floor to ceiling windows, a draft snake may be your best option. A draft snake will fit snug under your door or window and prevent air from escaping through the space between it and the floor. And while you can buy them in most department stores, they’re also relatively simple to make if you’re feeling crafty!


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