Dressing a window can be a surprisingly overwhelming process and one that people don’t really think about until most of the room has already been furnished. When choosing a window treatment, there’s a lot more to consider than just style – you also want your curtains to be functional. If you’re looking to spruce up a room with new curtains or drapes, here’s what you should consider.

Action Glass - 5 Important Things to Consider When You're Buying Curtains


If you’re unsure of what material to buy, you can never go wrong with linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet. Each one is of medium-to-light thickness and will hang nicely in any home.


If you have shorter ceilings in your house, hanging panels higher than the window will give the room a sense of height. Most designers hang curtains about 6 inches above the window frame, but you can choose to go a bit higher if you want a more dramatic look.


Especially in the Northeast, where the temperatures can vary from 10 degrees to 100 degrees, lining is incredibly important. Lined curtains will prevent warm air from escaping in the winter, while thin, flowing curtains will keep a room cool in the summer. The best option is to get curtains with a detachable liner, so you can add it only when it’s needed.


While you don’t have to clean your curtains as often as, say, your carpet – they do need to be cleaned every few months. If you’re looking for a ‘no fuss, no muss’ cleaning method, choose a fabric that is machine washable.

The Sun

If your window is directly facing the sun, choose fabrics that are less likely to fade. Red, green and blue are notorious for fading and showing discoloration, while white and grey will hold up a bit longer. Some fabrics nowadays even have UV protection built-in.


Beautiful curtains won’t improve the look of your home if they’re hanging over broken or dirty windows. Action Glass has been a family owned and operated full glass business for over 45 years and proudly serves Queens, NYC, Long Island, and Westchester. For more information on our glass services, call 800-24-GLASS!