While you’re probably one of the many hoping the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow in a few weeks, it looks like cold weather will be here at least until then. If you’re feeling the frigid temperatures at home, it might not be your thermostat that’s the problem.

Poorly insulated windows can be a major issue, causing drafts and air leaks throughout your house. So before you call your heating technician, try trapping the heat with these window insulation techniques.

Insulate windows

Rubber Weather Sealing

Found at any local hardware store or online, rubber sealings are a simple fix for ill fitting windows. Just cut the self-stick rubber to fit your window’s dimensions and apply it to any loose areas or gaps. Be careful though when removing the strips in a few years, as they have been known to chip paint and leave a sticky residue.

Insulation Film Kits

Kits usually include all the plastic shrink wrap and attachments that you’ll need. First, attach the film to your indoor window frame with double sided tape, then heat it with a blowdryer. While it’s a quick and inexpensive fix, it may leave your windows looking cloudy and discolored.

Cellular Shades

With cellular shades you’ll get the best of both worlds – insulation and sunlight coming through. But because they usually need to be laser cut from a design center, they can be costly and still don’t insulate as well as heavy drapes.

Insulated Curtains

Heavy curtains will keep out drafts and leave your house feeling warmer. But while they insulate well, you won’t get much natural sunlight into the house.

Draft Snakes

Similar to a rubber sealing, draft snakes are tubes that can be cut to fit your window frame and placed under a loose window to prevent drafts. Though they are easy to make right at home, you’ll only be insulating the window sill and not the glass itself.
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