Mirrors are an essential for any bedroom. They act as both a functional and aesthetic element. But how can you use mirrors to make your space feel more chic? We’ve got your solutions:

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1. Open Spaces
For a big visual appearance, lean a large mirror against a wall in your bedroom. It will make the entire room feel larger.

2. Attracting Light
Make the most of your space by attracting more natural light. The best way to do this is to place a mirror opposite side a window in your bedroom.

3. Nightstand Reflection
Be unconventional in your approach by placing a mirror behind a unique spot such as your nightstand. It adds visual interest and opens up the space. Bonus tip: add a mirror to each side for symmetry and more sunlight.

4. Multiply Decor
Hang or lean a large mirror opposite of your bed to reflect your furnishings and add depth to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

5. Mixing It Up
Choose multiple mirrors in varying shapes and sizes. For example, hang a round, starburst mirror above your headboard and a rectangular shaped one behind the nightstand.

6. Mirrored Furnishings
There’s a difference between chic and tacky. So it’s best to stick to one mirrored piece, such as a dresser drawer or a bedside table.

7. Functional Mirrors
There’s no such thing as too many mirrors if it means closet doors – the ideal solution for both function and style.

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