If you have shower enclosures in your bathroom then you might be wondering one thing: are they at all possible to keep clean? Sometimes the tedious task seems like a never ending game, but what we do know is that you might have better luck with natural cleaners. They’re streak-free and smell much more fresh!

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Vinegar + Paper Towels
If you’re battling spots on your shower door, here’s how to get rid of them: Soak a few paper towels in distilled white vinegar. Lay them over the spots and let the paper towels sit for 15 minutes. Once time is up, pick them up, rise the area, and wipe dry. These spots are caused by mineral buildup, so wiping down the shower doors after can help.

Lemon + Salt
Another method we suggest? Use a mixture of lemon and salt. While it take a bit of elbow grease, it gets the job done just right! First, cut a lemon in half. Dip one half into salt and start scrubbing the grime away. The salt abrasives of salt and acidity of lemon destroys soap scum and mineral buildup. It also keeps your shower doors sparkling new!

While shower doors aren’t fun to clean, they certainly add to the luxury appeal of your bathroom and make your space look shiny new! If you’re looking for a completely new look, turn to Action Glass! We are a full service glass company in Queens and can install new top quality shower doors of your choice. Call 00-24-GLASS to learn more or visit us on the web.