Looking to brighten up a space in your home naturally, without the sun blaring through at full-force? Why not add some tinted glass windows! Unlike traditional windows, these glass wonders will be the perfect way to change any space —- especially if you’re looking for a solution to blinds. Not sold on the idea? Let us dive further!

Let the Sunshine In

Just like the job of any standard window, tinted glass windows will let the sunshine in your home — but won’t blind you as you watch television. As we all know, there are certain rooms in your home that are a source sunlight and become quite sensitive to the eyes on a sunny day. Despite having blinds, non-tinted windows can still let powerful beams seep through, causing discomfort if you’re sitting on your couch. When you have tinted windows, not only will these give your comfort on extremely sunny days, but they’ll also let an incredible amount of sunlight in!

Preserves Furniture

Believe it or not, sometimes excessive sunlight in a certain room can destroy your furniture over time. From the carpets to your favorite chair, the sun’s powerful rays will start to weaken the piece and will ultimately make it fade over time. With tinted glass windows, not only will you be saving your precious furnishings, but you’ll still be letting in maximum sunlight without hindering the brightness in your home.

Reducing Glare

Ever watch television during the day and no matter what you do, the sunlight will hit the screen at every single angle? Not only is this quite frustrating when you’re watching television, but it can also damage your screen over time. If you’re looking to end the glare but keep the sunlight in, then tinted glass-windows will be the perfect solution to the problem at hand! Think about how much better prime-time television will be; farewell, glare!

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