Everyone wants their windows to be durable and energy efficient – but that doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all model. Depending on your area’s climate, some materials may be better than others. If you’re thinking of installing new windows be sure to take into account your region’s climate.

Action Glass | Best (and Worst) Windows for Every Region of the Country


Pacific Northwest

Best choice: Windows made from moisture-resistant materials such as vinyl, wood-resin composite and fiberglass.

Worst choice: Wood windows that can expand and shrink as the temperature changes. Wood is also susceptible to rot and mold.


Best choice: To protect windows against the intense Southern sun, you’re best bet is to get glass with good solar heat resistance.

Worst choice: When the housing boom hit the South, so did shoddy craftsmanship. Single-pane windows with little solar heat resistance will not only affect your home’s temperature and electric bill, but can also damage your flooring and furniture.


Best choice: Homeowners in especially windy regions should invest in casement windows.

Worst choice: Aluminum windows that transfer heat are some of the worst for the Midwest. You should also avoid single-pane windows that allow thermal energy to pass through.


Best choice: Wood framed windows are some of the least conductive materials, and the safest option for homes near the water.

Worst choice: Replacing hardwood windows that are still in good shape for newer models. Historic wood windows are great insulators and are rarely found intact in homes today.


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