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Installing new windows in your home? Don’t put the old ones to waste! Repurpose them in these four little creative ways:

Card Holder: Reuse your old shutters as a unique piece of home decor – perfect for your holiday and birthday cards as well as mail. Hang it in your kitchen next to a window or in your hallway.

Shelf: Repurpose your old, rustic window by turning it into a one-of-a-kind shelf. Hang a small piece of rope to the top of the window and nail a shelf to the bottom. This is a great solution for your car keys and other essentials you need before running out the door.

Photo frame: Turn your old window into a family photo frame to place over a wall collage of photos. Not only does this leave more money in your wallet but it also adds a little extra charm to your home.

Chalkboard: Count down the days till Halloween or another favorite holiday. Use your old window frame and replace the glass with a board instead – ideal for any kitchen or office.

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