Mirrors are essential pieces of decor. They can also be incredibly pricey.

Skip purchasing what everyone else owns and create a work of your own! Here are three DIY mirror projects we’ve collected from Pinterest that you can use for your own space:

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Metallic Sunburst
Without spending hundreds of dollars, try this DIY sunburst mirror with simple instructions:
You will need bamboo skewers
Add painters tape to the back of your circular mirror where you want your longest points to be on the mirror.
One your painter’s tape guide is in place, start hot gluing the bamboo skewers one or two at a time, varying short and long.
Spray the back of the skewers with a few coats of gold spray paint. Let dry and flip over. Give the front about 5 thin coats of spray.

Rustic Shelf Mirror
This one is simple because even the slightest imperfections are what gives it that much more personality!
-Cut the stiles and rails to length of desired frame
-Assemble with glue and clamps
-Cut the back to size along with the pillar strips
-Sand these parts and assemble
-The pillar strips along the back will provide an opening for the mirror
-Add a mirror adhesive to the back and set the mirror in place
-Next, cut the shelf parts to length
-Secure an end and a hanger to ends of the top
-Drill a countersunk hole to receive a wood plug for each screw (plugs will hide the screw heads)
-Attach the end and hanger using screw glue
-Clamp the shelve to the mirror frame and drill pilot holes for the screw that secure the frame to the shelf
-Apply a finishing wax to the holes and drill the screws
-Remove screws and add a wood finish of your choice
-Reassemble the mirror to the back and screw through the back
-Position the shelf and screw into the holes you created

French Window Pane
Spend less money on an expensive-looking touch for your living room or bedroom.

-Attach mirrors to the project plane
-Use tape to attach them to each other
-Add trim on the sides by applying liquid nails
-Use clamps to ensure there is a solid bond
-Attach the cabinet trim pieces to the mirror. (Glue the 47″ piece along the center of the mirror and then attach the 11 1/4″ pieces where the mirror edges butt up to each other)
-Tape the pieces to the mirror to help it bond.
-Attach the the 48″ and 24″ cabinet trim to the edges of the mirror using the tape
-Using glue, attach the 2″ x 2″ trim to the mirror.
-Attach the quarter round to the edge of the 2″ x 2″ trim
-Fill up in any holes with wood filler, sand, paint and there you have it!

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