Mirrors are one of the most essential home decor pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Make it a focal point in your room by testing out these creative ideas:

Get Creative With Custom Mirrors | Long Island | Queens | Westchester
Lean against a wall
Instead of hanging your mirror upwards, let it lean against the wall. Be sure to anchor it in place using pencil markings. A leaning mirror is a beautiful option for your master bedroom or living room. Not only is it functional, but it also adds an artistic element to any room.

Oversized mirror
Lacking light in your home? Add an oversized mirror to maximize the amount of sunlight shining in your home. Whether you decide to hang or lean against the wall, oversized mirrors can turn your dull bathroom into a luxury retreat and add a touch of elegance to your entertainment space.

Collage of mirrors
Brighten up an empty wall by adding a collage of mirrors, hanging different shapes and sizes. Hang them over your sofa or headboard, and feel free to mix them up with a few accented framed photographs.

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