The holidays are a perfect time to express your excitement and joy through decorations! From lights to festive paper cutouts, the options are truly endless when it comes to spreading holiday cheer! As we mentioned in a previous blog entry, there are some safety precautions to take when decorating your windows — but there are also some major do’s, too. If you’re looking to have a festive, safe holiday season, then there are some important tips to follow:

Keep it Transparent

When decorating for the holidays, sometimes it can become quite tempting to create the most lavish display — and block your window altogether. Before you start assembling your department store-worthy window display, it’s important to create a design that’s practical for everyday use. To further elaborate, create a design that frames your window panes and doesn’t take away from you being able to peer through it when needed. Of course, if you have a bay window, you can place a few winter-esc figurines — but avoid anything too tall in height so your view isn’t obstructed.

Keep it Clean

Continuing with the theme of keeping your display transparent, it’s also important to keep your display clean in terms of attaching decorations to your window. Sometimes when you decide to create a decadent display for your windows, it can become a tad overwhelming to construct — and may end up damaging the frame around your window. Instead of tacking up decorations with tape and thumbtacks, it’s beneficial to invest in some adhesive hooks to hang up lights and snowflakes when attaching them to the window frame. Additionally, it will also maintain your window and will extend its longevity.

Keep it Simple

Another decorating “do” is to keep your overall design simple. When decorating, it can be quite tempting to go overboard — because it’s let’s face it: decorating for the holidays is fun! If you’re looking to get festive in the simplest way possible, find decorations that large enough to convey your theme — but won’t block your window and the sun’s rays from heating your home naturally. Not only will this make disassembling your decorations quicker at the end of the holiday season, but it will also save you some money on your heating bill, thanks to the sun’s rays!
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