Glass is a universal medium, believe it or not. From cups to windows, glass can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and finishes, such as beveled glass for example. Know to some as an artform, beveled glass is thicker and not as transparent as traditional glass. If you’re curious as to how this incredible opaque wonder is made, then we have you covered!

How Is It Made?

Unlike the methods of traditional glass manufacturing, beveled glass is cut using different angles and slants to create the final product. That’s right: when a regular glass project is being created, the overall product is cut and sanded in straight lines and sharp angles. When a beveled glass project is made, the cuts are curved and the glass isn’t sanded down to make it see through. This specific type of glass creates a thick, frosted texture that makes it impossible to look through. This is why beveled glass is highly sought after as an visually appealing way to create privacy in one’s home.

How Is It Used?

As mentioned earlier, beveled glass is the perfect way to create privacy in a space that can’t accommodate traditional curtains and blinds. One of the most popular uses for beveled glass is on the front door of a home. Since it would be rather difficult to place blinds on your door, beveled glass is a great solution to that problem — since you wouldn’t want guests (invited or uninvited) to look through your front door when you’re not there. In addition to a front door, beveled glass can be used as a tabletop for many coffee tables! Since a glass tabletop needs to be strong and secure, beveled glass is the perfect way to support the heaviest of objects — and looks great in any environment it’s placed in, too!

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