There’s a reason why people love glass tables — they’re easy to clean, often eco-friendly, and, quite frankly, gorgeous! Unfortunately, they do come with one slight downfall — they can suffer from scratches.

But here’s the good news: They’re super easy to fix! So whether your favorite piece suffers a shallow scratch at the hands of your rambunctious little one or deep scratch from the paws of your four-legged best friend, here’s how to buff each one out.

Shallow Scratches

Step #1: Whenever you work with glass, you always want to start with a clean canvas. Wipe your table clean using a cleaner and microfiber cloth. While you could always use a traditional glass cleaner, you can also make your own in ___ easy steps.

Step #2: Slowly and gently rub a dollop of whitening, non-gel based toothpaste (you can also use clear nail polish) into the scratch. For the best results, use a soft cloth and work the toothpaste in using small, circular motions.

Step #3: Finish it off with a glass polish — this will restore its shine and keep the area from having a ‘foggy’ tint to it.

If the scratch is of medium depth, the above treatment will work, you may just have to repeat steps one through three several times, over the course of several days.

Deep Scratches

Step #1: Like with shallow scratches, the first thing you’re going to want to do is clean your glass with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth, and leave it to air dry.

Step #2: For deep scratches, sometimes homemade mixtures simply won’t do the trick. A multipurpose metal polish is tough enough to get into a scratch, yet gentle enough to not harm your glass. Dab a few drops of your metal polish on a soft, cotton cloth and work it into the scratch. But unlike with shallow scratches, you’re going to have to be a bit more heavy-handed while rubbing this scratch out, so don’t hold back on the elbow grease!

Step #3: Leave your glass to air dry for at least an hour before cleaning or polishing it one last time.

If no matter how hard you try you just can’t get that scratch out, it may be time to replace it all together. At Action Glass, we can create custom pieces.

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