Glass bottles are an eco-friendly, DIYer’s dream come true. Why is that? Because they can be used to make everything from decorative candy jars to vases. Not to mention, they can be recycled forever and will maintain 100% of their integrity. If you have a few glass bottles around and are looking for a weekend project to keep you occupied, transform that once simple drink holder into something completely unique and exquisite, like a:

Soap Dispenser

Tired of your outdated soap dispenser? Jazz it up by purchasing a new pump (or be super eco-friendly and reuse and old pump) and placing it on top of your favorite glass liquor or soda bottle. If the pump isn’t exactly the same size as the bottle opening, cover the slight size discrepancy with a decorative bow.

Spray Bottle

Whether you’re in need of a cool mist of water in the summer or a place to hold your organic cleaning solution, add the top of an old spray bottle to any glass drink bottle with a twist off lid.

Candy Jar

We think it’s safe to say that every home could use a bit more storage. Small candies not only fit perfectly in larger glass bottles, but they look beautiful and add a whimsical touch of color to your kitchen.

Makeshift Terrarium

Because glass typically isn’t produced with any chemicals, it makes a great home for living things, like plants and flowers. Simply fill a clean jar with an inch or so of pebbles and then cover them with potting soil and voila — you now have a terrarium that’s ready to be filled with your favorite plants and succulents!

Candle Holder

There’s nothing like sitting next to the warm glow of a candle late at night. Place a small candle at the base of a large glass bottle or jar and enjoy its flickering light for hours.

Spice Jar

Baby food jars make wonderful spice holders because they’re stackable and save space. And with more and more stores looking to be eco-friendly, many places will let you fill your own glass jars with spices in-store, which means you’ll save money while conserving our planet’s natural resources.

Flower Vase

Traditional flower vases are so last season. This spring, it’s all about organic, DIY vases. Tall, thin soda bottles make a beautiful base for spring flowers, like tulips, sunflowers, and roses.

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