As a kid, they helped you look at bugs and conduct numerous science experiments in your backyard (sometimes without your mom’s knowledge). Yup, we’re talking about magnifying glasses! Though it may have been years since you last picked up a magnifying glass, rediscover your childhood love of science today by spending a few minutes learning how these seemingly simple lenses can manipulate the world around us.

The Power of a Convex Lens

A magnifying glass is a convex lens, meaning it curves outward, similar to the dome of a stadium or your eye. In many ways, a magnifying glass works just like a human eye because it allows light to pass through it and then bends it accordingly.

Magnifying an Image

Now, you may be asking yourself, “If my eyes and a magnifying glass work similarly, why don’t we see things magnified.” The answer is simple, a magnifying glass bends light differently than our eyes, which “tricks” us into seeing an image larger than it really is. Magnifying lenses take parallel light rays in, then refracts it, so that they all converge as they exit. In layman’s terms, light rays enter a lense next to each other and exit the lens intertwined — this creates the illusion that an image is larger than it really is.

The Importance of Magnifying Glass

You might not have realized it, but magnifying glasses have greatly helped us understand and enjoy the world around us. Without these lenses, we likely wouldn’t understand the universe we live in or microscopic organisms as well. We also wouldn’t be able to enjoy movies on a screen or see through night-vision goggles.

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