It’s believed that in 300 B.C., the first ever piece of blown glass was made in the Middle East. Since then, the art form has evolved quite a bit. If you took a look around your house, odds are some of your favorite glass pieces were made using glassblowing techniques. If you want to learn a little more about this craft, then here are the basics of glassblowing!

  1. Grab Your Molten Glass

Using a steel tube, grab the glass from the furnace and wrap it around your pipe.

  1. Shape the Glass

Once your glass “blob” is stable, it’s time to mold it into your general desired shape. Roll the hot glass back and forth on a marver, making sure that each side has the same thickness.

  1. Cap the Glass

Now is the time to put the blow in blown glass. Blow into the hollow tube, then quickly place your thumb over the end. The trapped air will cause pressure to build and the glass will expand.

  1. Head Back for More Glass

Looking back at the first step, it’s time to gather more glass from the furnace. The amount of glass you gather of course depends on how big you want your piece to be. And if you want to add color to your glass, now is the time to do so.

  1. Shape Your Piece

I hope you have a lot of newspaper around because you’re going to need it! Again, shape your hot glass using soaked newspapers and an approved, heat resistant glove.

  1. Complete the Shaping

To get a more defined shape, roll your piece against the marver again, while an assistant blows air through the pipe and into the glass.

Always remember that while glassblowing is an art, it can also be incredibly dangerous if you are not under the supervision of a professional.

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