Windows are a fundamental part of saving money on heating and cooling. The more sunlight you permit through your home, the more naturally you’ll be able to heat your home in winter. There are also window options out there such as Low E glass, best known for helping you save money on utility bills.

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Why Low E windows help save money.
It’s true! Low E windows can lower your utility bill just as much as it takes to replace an entire window. One reason you need to replace your windows with a more energy efficient option is if your windows are more than 15 years old and cause drafts (hence, high energy bills).

How it works
Low E windows are coated with an ultra-thin, virtually invisible layer of metal. As a result, they reflect infrared heat back into the home. This coating improves the window’s insulation ability, in turn lowering your heating and cooling costs. These windows can save you over 12% in heating and cooling costs, which saves you hundreds of dollars.

The best type of Low E Windows
Low E types vary widely. From different materials to various coatings, there are many options from which to choose.

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