So you broke a vase or wine glass. Now what?

Dealing with broken glass is a dangerous task that must be handled carefully. How do you safely clean up broken glass? We’ve got three simple steps:

how to clean broken glass

Step 1: Never use the vacuum
Before you grab the vacuum, think twice! Trying to suck up glass with a vacuum could puncture parts and ruin the machine entirely.

Step 2: Grab a broom
Instead, start by grabbing a broom. Sweep up all the pieces of glass visible to you. Sweep them into a grocery bag or onto a thick sheet of paper or dustpan. Carefully dispose of the glass into a garbage bin with (one with a lid).

Step 3: Use a slice of bread
Yes, you heard us correctly! Take a soft slice of bread and press it into the floor. The particles that couldn’t get picked up by the broom will get absorbed into the moist slice of bread. Continue pressing the bread into the floor until the bread is coated with glass, then toss away. Repeat until all the glass seems to be gone.

Be sure to wear padded shoes when cleaning up glass to protect the soles of your feet! It also helps to wear goggles, as glass can fly in the air when sweeping.

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