Memorial Day is the perfect kickoff to summer fun and relaxation. But that relaxing three day weekend can suddenly turn stressful if you’re the one in charge of throwing the Memorial Day barbecue. So whether you were just put in charge of the party this morning or the weekend came by faster than you expected, here are a few last minute Memorial Day bbq tips that will ensure your party is a hit!  

Action Glass Last Minute Memorial Day BBQ Tips

Keep the menu simple. The point of a barbecue is to spend time with friends and family, not to be hunched over a grill the entire night. Grilled chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs are more than enough to keep your guests feeling full and happy.

Throw out some extra seating. No matter how many people you invite, more always tend to show up — but hey, the more the merrier! Make sure everyone has a place to sit by putting a few extra beach chairs out around your yard. If you’re expecting little ones, let them have a picnic by putting a blanket on the grass.

Stick to the classics when it comes to music. Don’t waste time before your party trying to create a playlist — apps like Spotify® and Pandora® have already done that for you!

Wipe down your outdoor table and furniture. It may seem obvious, but it’s a step that people often forget about until they realize one of their guests is about to sit on a pollen filled chair in white pants. Get that dirt and grime off any surface with our handy guide for pollen removal.


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