Slip, crash, shatter — this is the soundtrack to one of the most dreaded events: broken glass. Although it may seem like an impossible feat to clean up, it’s actually quite simple — despite what you may think, or how large the mess is. If you’re scrambling to figure out the perfect cleanup technique, we have you covered:

Bread, Anyone?

Besides being the staple element of sandwiches since the beginning of time, bread is the ultimate way to clean up broken glass. Since it’s wide and spongy, the power of this wheat glass cleanup tool you always longed for. Simply take a slice of bread, place it over the mess, and then gently press down. You’ll be able to pick up the shards in no time!

Wipe it With Water!

Have some paper towels lying around? Simple take a few connected sheets, and begin to fold them. The objective when folding them is to make this newfound glass cleaner as thick as possible, because you’ll want to avoid getting shards into your hand. Next, take the paper towel and run it under some water to make it damp. Once that’s complete, just like the bread trick, place it over the mess and gently press down. After that step is complete, you can toss the paper towel in the garbage!

Potato Chips!

We’re not actually talking about potato chips, but about an actual potato! Simply grab a potato from your kitchen and chop a thick slice off. Next, take the slice and place it over the broken shards and lightly press down. Finally, take the potato slice and toss it to avoid anyone who will try to cook with it later!

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