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Is it Better to Have a Shower Door or Shower Curtains?

What kind of shower enclosure do you have in your bathroom? When choosing between shower doors and curtains, there are a few elements to contemplate – style, function, price – the list goes on. To break it down simply, here… Continue Reading →

What are Common Glass Finishes for a Home?

First impressions are everything, whether you’re looking to sell or are striving to have the nicest-looking house on the block. In fact, 63 percent of homebuyers will drop by after viewing a home they like online. Some of the first… Continue Reading →

Simple Window Treatment Ideas

Looking to change up your home’s appearance in terms of windows? If you’ve had the same window treatments since you moved in, what better time than now to update your favorite room with a set of beautiful curtains. Whether you… Continue Reading →

Do You Know These Mirror Facts?

Imagine what our lives would look like without mirrors – we wouldn’t even be able to see the difference! Mirrors are an essential part of any home and hold a lot of history. From the first invention to the improvements,… Continue Reading →

How Mirrors Make a Big Difference

Mirrors have the ability to add style and function to any room. In a way, we see mirrors as a decorative essential. But don’t let that fool you — there are a few mistakes you could be making with these… Continue Reading →

Patio Doors are Life Changing — and Here’s Why

Are you planning to renovate your home this spring or summer? Maybe you’re looking to repaint your siding, or perhaps you want to redo your entryway. One way to reno your entryway is to install a sliding patio door. Glass patio… Continue Reading →

The Simple Science of Blown Glass

It’s believed that in 300 B.C., the first ever piece of blown glass was made in the Middle East. Since then, the art form has evolved quite a bit. If you took a look around your house, odds are some… Continue Reading →

Warning: You’re Cleaning Your Shower Door Wrong

Many of us are guilty of not cleaning our shower doors. But when you think about all the dirt and grime that gets stuck in your glass as you get clean, you might think twice about cleaning things up. The… Continue Reading →

Smartphone Glass Cleaning Hacks: What You Need to Know

Fact: your beloved smartphone can get dirty — and has the potential to grow some harmful bacteria, too. Whether you’re using your phone at home or at the mall, each time you place your phone down (or use it), the… Continue Reading →

You Will Love These Bathroom Flooring Options!

There’s so much more to choosing a bathroom floor than just style and taste. If you’re thinking about redoing your bathroom floor, make sure to think about durability, your lifestyle, and budget. If spring has got you in the mood… Continue Reading →

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