The entrance to your backyard or balcony is all about function and first impressions. Glass experts and interior designers suggest switching from traditional doors to patio doors – here’s why:

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Why get a patio door
Patio doors are good for many things. They enhance natural light, boost your curb appeal, and can expand your outdoor space.

Different Styles

Sliding – Sometimes referred to as “gliding doors” or “bypass doors”, sliding doors let in lots of natural light and are easy to maintain. They allow you easy access to your patio or balcony with a simple back and forth sliding motion.

Swing – Also known as “hinged patio doors”, they operate in a similar fashion as standard doors. These doors are center hung and open much like butterfly wings. The second type of hinged patio door is the French door. French doors are more widely common and are mounted similarly.

Folding – A folding patio door can extend your outdoor space. This system operates like an accordian, each section folding in towards each other. Configurations range from two to eight leaves.

Patio Door Materials
There are many design options on the market, but for construction, it comes down to these primary materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Clad-Wood

If you’re leaning towards having a patio door at home, turn to Action Glass! We are a full service glass company serving Queens and Long Island and can provide you with beautiful, crystal clear patio doors. For more information on our glass services, call 800-24-GLASS or visit us on the web.