Picture this: it’s New Year’s Eve when all of a sudden your neighbor calls to tell you they’re sick and can’t host anymore – suddenly, you find yourself saying you’ll have the party at your place instead! If you only have an hour to get your house ready, don’t stress. Here’s your guide to  which areas you need to hit and where you can skip.

Cleaning kitchen
The kitchen
  • Counter tops: Make sure they’re clear off pots, pans and papers so that there’s plenty of room for people to get food or make a drink.
  • The table: Get rid of fingerprints and leftover food by wiping the table down. If you have a glass top, choose a glass-specific cleaner instead of an all purpose one for a streak-free shine.
The living room
  • The floor: Throw loose toys and shoes into their perspective bedrooms and give the floor a good sweeping and vacuuming.
  • The couch: Fluff up those decorative pillows and lay them out nicely. If you have any blankets or throws on your couch, make sure to fold them and drape them over the armrest, or tuck them away in a nearby cabinet.
The bathroom
  • Mirrors: Spray your mirror with a water and vinegar solution for a perfect last minute (but still all natural) cleaning solution.
  • The hamper: A beautiful bathroom can be brought down by an overflowing hamper. Your best bet is to clear out the hamper entirely, but if you really don’t have the time, just make sure everything is tightly tucked away and the top is able to close.
  • The sink: Get rid of any fallen toothpaste or soap scum sitting at the bottom of your sink in seconds by whipping it with a rag and hot water.
The entrance
  • The doorway: It’s probably the first thing people will see when they get to your house, so make sure that if you have a glass door in front of your main door, you give it a good cleaning with a glass cleaner.
  • The walkway: Even if you don’t see any ice at first, you should always salt and de-ice your walkway and keep all the outdoor lights on so that everyone makes it in and out of the party safely.

The bedrooms basement and extra bathrooms can all be skipped if you’re really in a time crunch, so leave those for last, or just make sure to close all the doors to messy rooms.


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