Thanksgiving is almost here! When it comes to thinking about things we’re thankful for, windows probably aren’t the first on your mind. But we’re here to shed light on why these home elements are more special than you might think:

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Invite indoor light
Windows work wonders for natural sunlight – even the little ones in our tiny bathroom or bedroom. It makes us appreciate the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. If you have large windows all around yor home, you’re one of the lucky ones.

Let in fresh air
Open up the windows and let the fresh air in on a cool afternoon. It gives us oxygen, stimulates creativity, and cools us down during those busy holiday festivities!

Keep us warm in winter
Windows can keep us cool and they can keep us warm on frigid winter nights. It’s like being thankful for the roofs over our heads – insulated windows protect our families from hazardous conditions outside and keep the warm air from escaping us.

Give us freedom to decorate
Window treatments can be changed up so often, which gives us the freedom of creativity. From sheers to blackout drapes and valances, there are many variations we can conquer up.

Bring family together under roof
Windows are the final touch of a home that brings the family together all in one place. If you’re thankful for time with family, then you’re thankful for the roof above your head, and the windows between your walls.

At Action Glass, we’re thankful for windows – and we’re also thankful for our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be the success that we are today.