The holiday season is here, and that only means one thing: decorations! From your fireplace mantel to your front lawn, the possibilities are endless to create a festive, winter wonderland. Besides the traditional decorating focal points, many homeowners love decorating their windows! If you’re looking to jazz up your this architectural staple in your home, then here are some safe decorating tips to keep in mind:

Keep It Cool

One of the most desired decorations for windows during the holidays is to add lights! From traditional strand lights to window clings, the possibilities are endless for a festive window! Although these are some incredible ways to bump up the festive features, holiday lights can put your windows in jeopardy — and crack them altogether. The reason is this: when you leave the holiday lights on for a long period of time, the bulbs will get hot and can crack the window if it’s cold outside (due to the severe temperature difference). If you’re looking to light up your window from the holidays, make sure that no strand lights are touching the glass and are a few comfortable feet away. If you do this, then there will be less of a chance of your window cracking due to a temperature difference.

No Pressure

Another common window decorating trend it to tape decorative cut-outs to your window. If you’re looking to add a giant paper snowflake, it might be best to hang it with an adhesive hook to the window frame than to tape it to the window. The reason behind this is because if you apply too much pressure to the window when applying the tape, then there is a chance you can crack the glass (once again, due to the temperature difference). To keep your window safe, find alternative ways of displaying your holiday cutouts, such as leaning them against the glass, or attaching them to the inner part of curtains.

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