What kind of shower enclosure do you have in your bathroom? When choosing between shower doors and curtains, there are a few elements to contemplate – style, function, price – the list goes on. To break it down simply, here are a few major differences between these two types of shower enclosures:

Shower Curtains
Shower curtains come in many different colors and patterns to match the style of your bathroom. While they might not maximize space the way shower doors do, they are easy to install yourself. However, the tricky part might be maintaining these fabrics. After a hot shower, it might be difficult to keep mold away. But by rinsing off any soap scum and opening up the curtain to air it out, you can keep it mold-free and looking clean for a long time to come.

Shower Doors
Perhaps the best part about shower door is the illusion of larger space. Your shower adds a lot of extra space to your bathroom, but when it’s covered by a shower curtain, all that room becomes invisible. That’s why we love glass shower doors so much. To keep your shower doors clean, use a vinegar and water-based solution and wipe away grime with a squeegee, leaving your doors streak-free.

If a glass shower door seems like the perfect solution for your bathroom, turn to Action Glass! We deal, install, and custom make shower enclosures in all designs and patterns, including the following:

  • Clear Glass Shower Doors
  • Frosted Glass Shower Doors
  • Low Iron Glass Shower Doors
  • All Metal Finishes (hardware)
  • All Standard and Custom Sizes
  • Sliding Tub Enclosures

Action Glass is a full-service glass company, offering you all of the custom glass you could need! For more information on our glass services, call 800-24-GLASS or visit us on the web.