We’d all like gigantic windows and high ceilings, but all that comes at a price. For all homeowners and renters with small spaces, there’s a little something creative you can do to maximize your space. We’re talking about playing up your home with mirrors! Here are a few tricks you can try tomorrow on a budget:

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Floor length mirrors: Place behind a piece of furniture in high spaces. Mirrors that are the same width as the furniture will make it look purposeful.

Mirror behind might: PLacing a mirror behind a light source, whether it be a candle or a pendant light, can maximize the light shining throughout your home. It’s all in the way the light bounces off the mirror, across to the opposite wall, and around the room.

The window effect: Place a mirror next to or across from a window. You can reflect the effect of natural light and multiply the angles in your room, making the space feel larger than it actually is.

Wall art: Say yes to wall art – hang mirrors in a pattern on a wall or into a shelf arrangement. This is a subtle way of enlarging your space without it being obvious that the mirrors are there for any purpose other than decoration.

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