Fact: your beloved smartphone can get dirty — and has the potential to grow some harmful bacteria, too. Whether you’re using your phone at home or at the mall, each time you place your phone down (or use it), the device will begin to harbor some undesirable germs. If you’re looking to clean your smartphone efficiently, then here are some simple cleaning tips to follow:

Moist Towelettes

One of the simplest ways to sanitize your phone is to use a moist towelette. Available for purchase at any local drug store or online retailer, these little-wet cloths will come in handy. Before you begin to wipe down your device, it’s important to make sure that you don’t wipe any exposed charging-ports on your phone — since any moisture that gets within can cause irreplaceable damage. Additionally, moist towelettes also come in individual packets, which will be ideal to clean your device (when you please) on the go! It’s truly a win-win situation!

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Another quick way to clean your device’s screen is to use a standard microfiber cleaning cloth to do the work for you. When you using a microfiber cleaning cloth, you’ll be eliminating fingerprints, smudges, and dirt buildup on your phone’s screen. Although this simple solution won’t be able to sanitize your screen, it will keep the surface in tip-top shape — which will prevent future room for error, in terms of debris build-up.

Cleaning Solution

Unlike cleaning your windows, your device’s screen will need a very sparing amount of cleaning solution. Start by taking a standard glass cleaner and place it in a small, disposable bowl. From there, take a microfiber cloth (or paper towel) and dip a small portion of it into the cleaning solution. From there, in small strokes, wipe the glass on your device — but make sure all charging ports are covered and aren’t cleaned in the process. From there, let your device air dry for the best results. This will be a surefire way to keep your mobile device clean and good to go!

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