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How do I Remove Fingerprints From a Sliding Glass Door?

Spring is on the way and it’s time to start preparing your windows for the season! In addition to spring, your kids will want to play outside in the backyard — and chances are they’re running outdoors having a blast with their… Continue Reading →

The Best Places to Put Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, it’s the greatest accessory of them all! Mirrors are a must-have for every home, but knowing where to hang them can be a question that some struggle to answer. Some rooms don’t need a mirror,… Continue Reading →

 The Best DIY Glass Cleaners

Did you know that chemical cleaners are ruining your health? They’re also terrible for your glass surfaces, causing streaks and smudges that natural cleaners can avoid. Proof that sometimes the best things in life are free! Here are three of… Continue Reading →