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Smart Ways to Use Mirrors in Small Spaces

We’d all like gigantic windows and high ceilings, but all that comes at a price. For all homeowners and renters with small spaces, there’s a little something creative you can do to maximize your space. We’re talking about playing up… Continue Reading →

September Home Maintenance Checklist

With the days becoming a little shorter and summer turning over in a matter of days, it’s important to prepare your home for cooler weather. From servicing your HVAC system to keeping your fireplace going, here are the September must-do’s:… Continue Reading →

Mason Jar Cooking

Just a few years ago, mason jars were used for canning and decorating. But now, thanks to sites like Pinterest, the secret’s out about how mason jar cooking makes lives a little bit easier. Make your hectic days less chaotic… Continue Reading →

Easy DIY Mirrors from Pinterest

Mirrors are essential pieces of decor. They can also be incredibly pricey. Skip purchasing what everyone else owns and create a work of your own! Here are three DIY mirror projects we’ve collected from Pinterest that you can use for… Continue Reading →

How to Safely Clean Up Broken Glass

So you broke a vase or wine glass. Now what? Dealing with broken glass is a dangerous task that must be handled carefully. How do you safely clean up broken glass? We’ve got three simple steps: Step 1: Never use the… Continue Reading →

Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are a wonderful resource for natural light and brighten up our homes instantly. But they can also invite unwanted heat when we least want it. Excess heat not only heats up our home too much, but it also wastes… Continue Reading →