Shower Enclosures Long Island

Is it Better to Have a Shower Door or Shower Curtains?

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Why You Need a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

Remodeling your bathroom is based on several decisions – floors, doors, plumbing, and final touches. One of the biggest pickles we find ourselves in is deciding what kind of a shower will look best. From tubs to shower stalls and… Continue Reading →

Are Shower Enclosures Impossible to Clean?

If you have shower enclosures in your bathroom then you might be wondering one thing: are they at all possible to keep clean? Sometimes the tedious task seems like a never ending game, but what we do know is that… Continue Reading →

How to Clean Shower Doors Like a Pro

So you’ve mastered how to clean your windows, but cleaning your shower doors seems like one of those cat and mouse chases – you can never seem to find the right solution. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few creative ideas… Continue Reading →