Mirror mirror on the wall, it’s the greatest accessory of them all! Mirrors are a must-have for every home, but knowing where to hang them can be a question that some struggle to answer. Some rooms don’t need a mirror, but these sure do:

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A full length mirror in your bedroom is a must! If you have a wall large enough, mount one there. This will make getting dressed in the morning more convenient.

Mirrors are essential in a bathroom. Not only does it maximize your space but it also makes mornings easier! Shaving or apply makeup calls for a mirror mounted on the wall above your sink (if you have a double vanity, go with two smaller mirrors). You can also hang one on the back of the door, which will act as your full length mirror (if you don’t have room in the bedroom for one).

If the desk in your office faces a wall, consider installing a wall-mounted mirror above it. This will create the illusion that your room is larger than it actually is and you’ll get the feeling of what’s going on behind you – great for those who have children.

Living Room
If you own a fireplace, hang a dramatic mirror over it to add warm and space to the room. You could also hang a mirror on either side of the fireplace to help the room feel even larger.

Knowing where to place mirrors in your home is all about understanding the benefits of these decorative and functional accessories.

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