Many of us are guilty of not cleaning our shower doors. But when you think about all the dirt and grime that gets stuck in your glass as you get clean, you might think twice about cleaning things up. The best (and easiest) way to keep your shower doors clean only takes three simple steps. They are as follows:
Step 1: Pick up a squeegee
Pick up a squeegee at your local home improvement store and keep it hanging in your shower for easy access. Generally an inexpensive tool to have, we can’t say enough good things about the squeegee, since it’s easy to use and keeps your glass looking streak-free! In addition to being quite simple to use, a squeegee will always make your glass sparkle and shine with minimal effort. Unlike traditional paper towels and window cleaner, using a squeegee will make the cleaning process much simpler and quicker! It’s truly the best gadget on the market that has been around for many, many years! If you don’t already own a squeegee, then we highly suggest you pick one up today or order one online!

Step 2: Make a daily shower spray
When it comes to glass cleaners, many will give you the sine you’re looking for — but will also emit a strong, unpleasant chemical odor that you’re not looking for. If you’re looking to get the same streak-free clean without the chemicals, then we suggest giving this DIY daily shower spray a try! First, mix 1 cup of water with 1½ cup of vinegar. Next, add a small amount of dish soap and about 10 to 20 drops of your favorite, refreshing essential oil. This recipe is easy to make, inexpensive, and chemical-free. Keep it in your bathroom (or better yet, in your shower) along with your squeegee. Not only will this daily shower spray be the perfect alternative to your standard glass cleaner, but it will also be the keep your shower door sparkling for long periods of time! This spray is definitely a must!

Step 3: Loosen up the grime
To loosen up the grime and make cleaning up easier, run warm water in your shower. When you run warm water in your shower, not scolding hot, it will begin to loosen up the dirt and grime around your shower. If you’re not sure what the best solution will be, we recommend running luke-warm water from your shower head for at least 3 minutes to get your bathroom on the road to cleanliness. Once the shower reaches a comfortable temperature and the dirt begins to loosen up, then it’s time to use your squeegee! First, take a sponge to wipe up any large particles of dirt before grabbing your squeegee. Next, take your squeegee and begin to wipe away the remaining dirt and debris. After that’s complete, you’ll have a clean, sparkling shower door in no time!

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