The most frustrating thing about owning a glass shower door? Cleaning it every week. Although glass doors are much more beneficial than traditional shower curtains, many homeowners grow frustrated with trying to keep it sparkling clean. Don’t stress out, though — keeping this shower staple see-through will be breeze with these helpful tips:

Do: Use a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

One of the best tools created for cleaning glass are microfiber cleaning cloths. Usually sold in bulk for a reasonable price, these plush wonders will keep any glass fixture looking brand-new! In addition to keeping your shower door sparkling, microfiber cleaning cloths will also make streaky glass a thing of the past!

Don’t: Use Standard Paper Towels

Although there’s no actual harm in using paper towels, they will definitely make the cleaning process much longer than it has to be! In addition to being a streaky nightmare, paper towels aren’t too eco-friendly — microfiber cleaning cloths can be thrown in the washing machine for additional uses!

Do: Use an Old Toothbrush

Even though cleaning the glass is the most important part, it’s also essential to scrub the frame that hold the glass in place! Instead of using a microfiber cleaning cloth for this part, use an old toothbrush and some simple cleaning solution. While working with this little brush, it will get into the creases that a cloth can’t can’t get into.

Don’t: Use a Paint Brush

While this may be quite a temptation, paint brushes are known to have bristles that shed. If you do decide to use one of these art tools, you’ll then be cleaning up more than just the shower door — stick with the toothbrush, it has a better a grip.
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