Since the beginning of time, glass has been the perfect material for a multitude of household items  — such as dining room tables. Although this medium is quite fragile (in most cases), it can also be tough enough to hold the most lavish of dinner parties. If you’re curious as to how this see-through material was implemented, then check out these facts:

How Was it Discovered?

One of the biggest curiosities of the world is how glass was discovered. In fact: historians believe that the clear material was made from a stray lightning bolt that hit the sand on a beach (since glass is primarily composed of sand components, known as silica). Since then, production of this medium has skyrocketed — and clearly became a staple of every item ever created and used today.

Who Made It Durable?

Beginning in the late 1600’s, glass makers in England wanted to find a way to take this universal medium and make it more durable. The intention was to create a form of glass that could withstand any element and environment it inhabited. After running a few different experiments, the glassmakers in England realized that adding Lead Oxide to glass would create a more universal product — because it would create the strength that manufacturers were looking for.

When Did the First Glass Table Appear?

Continuing its ground-breaking journey into the late 1600’s, the newfound durable glass made its way to France, where French glassmakers developed Plate Glass: the answer to glass tabletops. Unlike traditional glass, Plate Glass could be used in a multitude of settings and could withstand the risk of cracks. Since then, different variations of durable glass have hit the market — and continues to dominate the world to this very day!

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