Stained glass windows are truly a work of art. From the beautiful array of colored glass used, to the details, these transparent portraits are a staple of many architectural structures across the globe. Although these masterpieces seem like they’re a creation of modern times, they’ve actually been around for centuries. If you’re curious as to how stained glass appeared, then we’re here to tell you!

The Origin

Believe it or not, the initial concept for stained glass windows is still a mystery to historians. Although these fragile masterpieces were predominantly used in 10th century Europe, the art of stained glass dates back even further to ancient Roman times — but are vastly undocumented. To date, it’s said that Germany is home to the oldest stained glass windows, which reside at the Augsburg Cathedral. The windows at Augsburg, like most gothic cathedrals, depict biblical scenes throughout the entire space.

The Farewell Tour

After years of being implemented into architectural structures across the globe, the art of stained glass windows started to decline in the mid-19th century — since there were many conflicting ideas about what should be depicted in the the windows, and ultimately how expensive they were to create. It soon became much simpler (and cheaper) to introduce standard windows back into architectural designs — and banish stained glass windows all together.

The Comeback

Although there have been artists who have revived this art, it wasn’t until the Art Nouveau period where stained glass would slowly, but surely, made its way back into homes and buildings. Famed lamp designer Louis Comfort Tiffany began to make the famous Tiffany lamps, where the shade was completely made of stained glass — and nothing else. The demand for stained glass soon began to soar, and have now become more of a common sight in homes across the world.

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