Since the beginning of time, witches have been a common topic of discussion. From their mischievous ways to their mythical appearances, these icons of historical folklore are a staple of Halloween. Although you may not believe in witches and witchcraft, society in 19th century Vermont had did everything in their power to ward them off. One of the most popular inventions to deter these individuals from entering homes were witch windows — but what are they exactly?

What Are Witch Windows?

Primarily known as an architectural staple of most 19th century farm houses in Vermont, these windows are installed on an angle — rather than installed vertically, in the traditional style. In addition to their crooked installation, these whimsical windows were only installed on the second floor of buildings — but not the ground level, since witches were believed to be airborne at all times when hunting for their victims.

Why Were Witch Windows Installed?

Back in the 19th century, it was believed that witches inhabited the towns as commoners, and at night would fly across the sky to seek their prey — while said prey were asleep in their homes. Since witches couldn’t fly on brooms on an angle, architects would install windows on a slant purposely to deter witches from flying into people’s homes. This was society’s solution to keeping these women out of their homes.

Are Witch Windows Still Installed?

Although witch windows are now looked at as historical focal points in Vermont architecture, the windows are no longer installed in modern houses. However, those who are house hunting in Vermont tend to look for these witch-deflecting windows since they add character and charm to a house.

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