Did you ever go to an amusement park and step inside a fun house? Below the twinkling lights and vivid colored decorations lies a wall of funhouse mirrors. Stepping up to this reflective, warped wall of wonders, you instantly laugh at the reflection presented before your eyes. Although funhouse mirrors have been a staple of witty amusement for years, there’s a simple science behind the complex looking surface:

Light and Angles

Just like seeing your reflection in a standard mirror on the wall, a funhouse is virtually a standard mirror with some curves and indentations within it. Depending on how the mirror is positioned within the funhouse, it will distort one’s imagine based on how the light hits the reflective hanging on the wall. Although this seems simple enough, there is a difference between the two types of mirrors: concave and convex.


When you’re roaming the halls of the vibrant wonderland of a funhouse, you’ll notice that some of the mirrors will appear to make you look stretched out vertically. The simple nature behind this stretched appearance is the way the mirror is shaped. Instead of being flat, think of this mirror as having the shape of the letter ‘U’ with the inner part of the letter facing you. When your eyes hit the mirror, the light will emit the elongated shape.


While further roaming down the complex maze of the funhouse, you’ll encounter some mirrors that will make you look squashed down. These mirrors are categorized as convex mirrors and unlike concave mirrors, they hold a different shape. Remember how concave mirrors are shaped like a ‘U’? Convex mirrors are also shaped like a ‘U’ but the bottom half of the curve is facing you.

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